Bladder Scanner Biocon-900S

  • Bladder Scanner Biocon-900S
  • Bladder Scanner Biocon-900S

  • Product Code: Mcube Biocon-900S

MCube BioCon-900S is a safe and easy, non-invasive system to measure the bladder volume. The
device consists of a probe, CUBEScan Charger, and various components. The probe is a B-mode
instrument, hand-held, wireless and battery-operated. A 3D-mechanical sector transducer provides cross–
sectional images of the bladder from up to 12 scan planes and bladder volume is calculated based upon
those images and displays 12 scan planes on a screen. Furthermore, a live image of the bladder during
Pre-scan makes it easier to detect the bladder before scanning. The CUBEScan Charger is used for
recharge of the probe's internal battery.

It is the newest bladder scanner optimized for the infection control and provides all functionality you need at a reasonable price. BioCon-900S is fully sealed and gapless surface, making it easy to remove the clanging residue. Employing a touch-screen interface and minimized number of buttons for effectivenss aginst contamination and associated infection. Touch interface also makes it easier to add patient information and tagging data.