Grael 4K PSG:EEG

  • Grael 4K PSG:EEG
  • Grael 4K PSG:EEG

  • Product Code: Compumedics PSG

Amplifier can be used for wide range of applications including EEG and Sleep studies

Key features

  • DC-coupled inputs - See what's really happening

  • Sampling Rates: 4096 Hz

  • Analogue to Digital data resolution: 24

  • Referential channels: 32

  • Differential Channels: 16

  • Sleep Study Channels: Respiratory Impedance Plethysmography, Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography Channels, Pressure, Airflow, Position, Microphone, Light, Oximeter

  • User selectable gain allows choice of lower noise or higher allowable DC offset
  • Combine multiple devices for more channels or group studies (hyperscanning)

See more information in the specification sheet.