Screen-Based Eye Tracker - Fusion

  • Screen-Based Eye Tracker - Fusion

  • Product Code: Tobii Pro Fusion

Tobii Pro Fusion is a screen-based eye tracker that captures gaze data at speeds up to 250 Hz. Our next generation of compact high-performance eye trackers, this powerful research system supports from fixation to saccade based research outside of the lab.


What’s new in a compact format:

  • More detailed data with sampling frequencies of up to 250 Hz.
  • More tolerance for head movement with two new eye tracking cameras and improved eye tracking algorithms.
  • No external processing unit required which ensures timing consistency as the data is processed autonomously in three internal processors.
  • Support for new PC ports: USB Type-C.
  • Pupil size data reported at the selected sampling rate.
  • Eye images provided.

See more details in Tobii Pro Fusion Brochure.