256-channel ERP Solution

  • 256-channel ERP Solution
  • 256-channel ERP Solution

  • Product Code: Neuroscan SynAmps RT 256-channel Amplifier

Channel Count Per Headbox: 64 Monopolar, 4 Bipolar, 2 High Level

Utilizing the latest technology, SynAmps RT allows for discrete monopolar and bipolar channels, enhancing the flexibility of recordings. Additional high level inputs are isolated to allow voltage level signals to be merged with the physiological data. Linking headboxes together allows more than 500 channels to be recorded.

A 256-channel SynAmps RT EEG system consists of four headboxes, with 280 channels in total.

A fully isolated, programmable bipolar excitation supply is also provided capable of supplying up to +/- 10VDC at 100mA to external bridges or measurement devices.

Maximum Sampling Rate: 20,000 Per Channel all channels driven
Faster sampling rates allow for more accurate sampling of the analog data being recorded. Signals such as Auditory Brain Stem Response require these faster rates, while typical ERP measures benefit from increased resolution.

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