• EEG/fMRI
  • EEG/fMRI

  • Product Code: Neuroscan MicroMaglink EEG/fMRI

For recording EEG in the MRI environment, nothing surpasses the MicroMagLink RT System. The new MicroMagLink system is used for obtaining integrated EEG and EP/ERP recordings inside the fMRI and MEG. The passive MicroMagLink system provides the ability to record during the pulse sequence without compromising the raw EEG data.

The MicroMagLink, in conjunction with Neuroscan amplifiers has successfully recorded EEG data through the pulse sequence in up to 3 Tesla MRI scanners. The CURRY Acquisition and Signal Processing package provide powerful features for on-line and off-line reduction of the ballistocardiogram and pulse sequence artifact, while retaining the integrity of the EEG. Post-processing tools allow ERP’s to be extracted, which can then be subjected to source localization and compared with the fMRI.

  • No electronics in the MRI room to interfere with the static or gradient field; Neuroscan MicroMagLink RT systems have been proven in up to 4 Tesla systems.
  • Compatible with most waveguide panel designs for easier installation with minimal modifications.
  • All signal processing occurs outside the MRI room, preserving signal quality without compromises for MRI-compatible electronic design.
  • Up to 20,000Hz sampling rates, allowing adequate sampling of the fastest frequencies.
  • SynAmps RT amplifiers provide DC-coupled recordings to ensure fast recovery from artifacts.
  • SynAmps RT supports integration with the MRI clock to synchronize MRI and EEG samples, allowing improved artifact reduction, real-time artifact reduction, and acquisition with conventional sampling rates (500 and 1000Hz).
  • On-line correction of pulse sequence artifact, allows you to view corrected data in near real time.
  • Compatible with most stimulus presentation systems providing a TTL or synchronization pulse output, enabling acquisition of ERPs simultaneous with the MRI.

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