Grael 4K EEG Amplifier

  • Grael 4K EEG Amplifier
  • Grael 4K EEG Amplifier

  • Product Code: Neuroscan Grael 4K EEG Amplifier

The Grael 4K EEG amplifier is a powerful evolution of the first version of the Grael amplifier. The amplifier is well suited for EEG studies in both research and clinical applications. Whether you are interested in EEG or evoked potentials, or wish to run longterm epilepsy monitoring studies (LTM) or ICU studies, the Grael 4K EEG amplifier will be your choice.

Multiple devices can even be combined for running group studies. A single IP connection to the Grael amplifier provides both power and data transmission, making it very easy to set up the system at different locations in your department.

The Grael 4K EEG system has CE Class IIa medical certification and FDA approval.

Key features

  • Advanced EEG signal acquisition for research and clinical applications
  • LTM, Routine, ICU and Evoked Potentials
  • Sampling Rates up to 4096 Hz
  • User selectable gain allows choice of lower noise or higher allowable DC offset (great for combining EEG with TDCS/TACS or TMS)
  • Combine multiple devices for more channels or group studies (hyperscanning)