Ambulatory Impedance-pH Recorder OHMEGA

The Ohmega is a small and lightweight ambulatory system which combines Impedance recording and pH recording to assist in the diagnosis of GERD. 

Ohmega detects reflux activity using Impedance and categorizes these reflux episodes as acidic or non-acidic (weakly acidic), using traditional pH measurement. Gas and mixed liquid/gas reflux episodes are analyzed as well.

Traditional pH recording only records acidic pH reflux episodes. Impedance-pH detects both acidic and non-acidic reflux episodes. Combined Impedance-pH recording is clinically useful in the evaluation of symptoms under PPI therapy, as well as for hoarse-ness, unexplained cough, and applications of particular interest .

The Virtual Instructor Program™ helps to complete the procedure successfully with minimal training. Bluetooth® capabilities make it possible to view and check data on a computer monitor while recording. The intelligent symptom analysis software quantifies reflux episodes quickly and simply.

The Ohmega is available in different configurations. Contact us to find the right version for you.


State-of-the-Art Features and Functionality:

  • Online view of data recording with Bluetooth® technology
  • High-quality signal recording can be verified before the patient leaves the clinic

Intuitive software:

  • Intelligent symptom analysis software quantifies reflux episodes quickly and provides information about the correlation between symptoms and events
  • Seamless Built-In Virtual Instructor Program™ (VIP)
    • Comprehensive and user-friendly, it guides you through each reflux measurement procedure
    • Requires minimal training, saving time and money while allowing more focus on the patient
    • Successfully complete esophageal reflux measurement in six steps
    • Impedance Contour Plot for fast and easy analysis

Optimize Workflow :

  • HL7 and EMR/HIS connectivity
  • Network capability