Comprehensive Wireless Urodynamic System Nexam Pro

Nexam Pro is an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that offers unique flexibility and modularity, ideal for both routine clinical urodynamics and research.

As well as all types of standard urodynamic procedures, Nexam Pro can be upgraded to perform video urodynamics and Neuro-UDS studies

Nexam Pro’s unique Virtual Instructor Program (VIP) assists during the investigation by delivering high quality results, quickly and easily.

Bluetooth® technology provides a variety of functionalities such as multiple wireless uroflow, wireless pressure/EMG recording and a wireless speed controlled catheter puller system.

  • Highly-intuitive built-in software includes an efficient patient database for easy storage and retrieval of examination data.
  • Built-in Virtual Instructor Program (VIP): Comprehensive and user-friendly, guides you step-by-step through every urodynamic examination.
  • Fully customizable procedures and reports require minimal training, saving time and money while allowing more focus on the patient.
  • Choose T-DOC® Air-Charged, Fluid-Filled or disposable or reusable Electronic catheters.
  • Complete HL7, DICOM PACS and EMR/HIS connectivity option.
  • Workstation with height adjustable monitor, keyboard shelf and locking wheels: allowing a sitting or standing position during the investigation.
  • Multiple upgrade options include: wireless patient unit (WPU), UPP Puller, second uroflowmeter, Electromyography (EMG) recording, biofeedback and neuro stimulation modules.
  • Wireless patient unit, uroflowmeter and UPP Puller support recording of up to 16 data channels on-screen.
  • Backed by LABORIE’s Outstanding Service Program: External training courses and certified on-site clinical training, plus live telephone support and remote dial-in assistance.
  • Video urodynamics with split-screen display to simultaneously monitor bladder and X-ray images, enhancing the diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunctions.
  • 10 roller infusion pump and infusion weight transducer included as standard with every system for accuracy and reliability.
  • Neuro-UDS: Neuro Module for free-running EMG, High speed/ frequency EMG (up to 10 kHz), Pudendal Nerve Stimulation (PNS), Motor Nerve Conduction, Sacral Reflex and Sensory Treshold.