EndoSheath Protective Barrier

Sterile, single-use barrier for use with PrimeSight flexible endoscopes.

The EndoSheath protective barrier is an FDA-cleared, sterile, single-use product with an integrated working channel, for use with LABORIE’s state-of-the-art PrimeSight™ flexible endoscopes. The EndoSheath protective barrier covers the endoscope from end to end, isolating the endoscope from patient contact and protecting the endoscope controls from contamination during the procedure.

  • One innovation of PrimeSight™ endoscopy is that the working channel required for suction, biopsy, irrigation or other operative needs is incorporated into the EndoSheath protective barrier and not the PrimeSight™ endoscope. This innovation eliminates the difficult-to-clean channel which exists in conventional endoscopes.
  • Helps keep the capital equipment budget low since one PrimeSight™ scope can do the work of many conventional scopes
  • Reduced endoscope reprocessing and down time means that you can meet you endoscopy needs with fewer endoscopes. Plus, unplanned endoscopies can be more easily accommodated.
  • You can use the same scope for diagnostic and therapy procedures since the 1.5 mm or 2.1 mm working channel is incorporated into the sheath instead of the endoscope
  • Reduced chemical exposure for equipment lowers service and repair expenses
  • Reduced staff exposure to toxic disinfection chemicals