Erbium: YAG Laser – Juliet

Erbium:YAG laser: the best option for intravaginal treatments

The Juliet laser treatment improves women gynecological health thanks to a minimally invasive treatment whose goal is the stimulation of new collagen and elastin production, along with an improved vascularization of the vaginal mucosa.

The procedure is performed by using the MCL31 Dermablate laser by Asclepion, a best selling laser worldwide in the field of aesthetic medicine. Similarly to the procedure used for facial rejuvenation, the Juliet laser treatment uses light energy to gently deliver energy to the tissue and stimulate it to produce new collagen.

Newly designed, single use STERI-SPOT handpiece

The specially designed STERI-SPOT handpiece allows for an easy insertion and for a very intuitive use and handling. It is delivered in single, sterile packages and is intended for single use only, guaranteeing you the maximum hygiene.

MicroSpot optic for gentle and more effective treatments

The STERI-SPOT handpiece features a patended MicroSpot optic with a squared spot of 9 x 9 mm, consisting of 169 MicroSpots. This optic allows the selective treatment of only “fractions” of the tissue in the form of a grid, made possible by splitting the laser beam into several hundred partial rays.

This triggers skin renewal and collagen formation with rapid wound healing, which is supported by the untreated skin and therefore involves a very low risk of side effects.