Hydroven 3 Flexible IPC System

Flexible, Lightweight Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) Pump

The Hydroven 3 System offers the flexibility of using a simple to use, lightweight pump, with preset cycle times and adjustable pressure settings for individual comfort, making the Hydroven 3 ideal for providing safe and effective compression therapy in the home as well as the clinical setting .

The Hydroven 3 IPC system provides clinically effective, non-invasive, dynamic compression to the limbs for treatment a wide range of vascular and lymphatic conditions, including venous ulceration, dependent and traumatic oedema and chronic venous insufficiency.

Its flexible, ergonomic design provides a choice of single or three-chamber compression from a variety of arm and leg garments operated by a single pump.

Tried and tested, ArjoHuntleigh technology means you can rest assured it will deliver gentle, effective results every time.

Easy-to-use system for active therapy

  • The Hydroven 3 System has been ergonomically designed for efficient use in a number of different situations, from the clinic to the home.
  • The controls, indicators and connectors are simple to use and can be accessed with ease.
  • Thoughtful design features mean the pump can be handled, transported and stored safely and easily.
  • Secure single tube snap lock connection of all garments to the pump enables easy set up and prevents accidental disconnection.
  • Automatic detection of single or dual garment attachment makes the system simple to set up. Just ‘plug it in and switch it on’ for active treatment of a range of conditions.