Mcube Bladder Scanner Biocon-900

CUBE scan TM BioCon-900 is a hand-held, non-invasive ultrasound device that measures bladder volume quickly and easily. A built-in printer in the docking station enables immediate on-site printing

1. Helps make a diagnosis of LUTS(Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms) by using urine volume or PVR(Post-Void Residual)
2. Monitoring of POUR(Post-Operative Urinary Uretention) or Post-operative dysuresia
3. Helps make a decision when to catheterize patient who may have urinary retention
4. Prevents UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) by reducing unnecessary catheterization
5. Monitoring of Anti-cholinergic drug side effect and prescribing drug dosage
6. Supports to train urination and self-catheterization as an assistance tool

Product Specification

Display2.4 inch TFT-LCD
Bladder output rangeBladder volume range : 0 – 999ml
Accuracy : ±15%, ±15ml (0 – 999ml)
Scan timeApproximately 2 seconds
Ultrasound probeUltrasound frequency : 2MHz, 3.4MHz (Dual)
Scan angle : 120º
Penetration depth : 23cm (Normal patient), 8cm (Children)
PowerRechargeable Li-ion battery
Nominal voltage : 3.6V
Nominal capacity : 5200mAh
Charging : less than 6 hours
Discharging : Approximately 1500 scans
Charged by the docking station
External interfaceUSB 2.0 basic
PrinterBuilt-in thermal printer in the docking station
(Wireless data transmission by IrDA)
Patient ID input1D/2D Barcode scan or Image capture
User InterfaceIcons and 5 buttons