Multichannel Holter ECG CardioMera

CardioMera records ECG reliably up to 96 hours to monitor increases the chance of capturing the cause of daily occurring cardiac problems.

  1. Fair trade solution
    CardioMera is a mini ECG Holter monitor, which is made powerful by CardioVisions, its all-inclusive software. Provided: beat-by-beat ECG Holter analysis, event distribution, time and frequency domain HRV analysis, PQ, QT, QTc and ST analysis and ECG statistics with the possibility of modifying the automatic annotation manually.
  2. 1, 2, 3 or 5-channel ECG Holter recording
    Customizable and wide variety of channel layouts according to your needs.
  3. Economic patient cables
    Save money with easily replaceable CardioMera Holter monitor patient cables. Maintenance is easy, as all leads are single.
  4. No limits in use:  free Holter software package
    Install CardioVisions to an unlimited number of PCs without registration and receive updates at no cost automatically.
  5. Print-ready reports
    CardioVisions Windows-based software package saves you time with print-ready final reports.   

Kit Content:

1 x ECG Holter record unit, 1 x memory card, 1 x AAA alkaline battery, 1 x USB optical interface, 1 x 7 lead patient ECG cable, 1 x package of disposable electrodes, 1 x CD with the latest software and user documentation, 1 x quality certificate packed in black protecting case A card-reader unit is necessary for reading data.