Siesta 802 EEG Amplifier


The Siesta System is a multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It enables recording, monitoring, storage and transfer of up to 32 physiological data inputs, such as brain, heart and muscle activity. In addition it has an Oximeter interface for heart rate and oxygen saturation as well as supporting up to 32 external DC signal inputs for recording the output of other devices such as pH meters.

The Siesta is the first of a new family of wireless products that the Company has developed to provide greater flexibility to the physicians and comfort for the patients. Siesta also allows remote monitoring and recording of all channels to the computer hard disk via a wireless Ethernet link. This wireless capability gives physicians the option of monitoring a patient’s physiological data while the patients are out of bed, helping to ensure they capture critical clinical events on the recording. This allows the hospitals to utilise almost any bed as a virtual sleep clinic or monitoring bed. Imagine the possibilities.