Sonicaid FetalCare3 Doctor’s Office & Clinics

Building on more than 30 years of computerised CTG analysis, Sonicaid FetalCare 3 software is an essential tool for modern obstetric management. Running on a PC, it receives data from the fetal monitor via a cable connection.

Its computerized analysis allows clinicians to measure newly-recorded CTGs against the world-renowned Dawes-Redman criteria for normality. All recordings are electronically archived on the PC, and CTGs can be viewed on screen.

World Renowned Dawes-Redman Criteria

Sonicaid FetalCare is the only CTG analysis system in the world to incorporate the highly regarded Dawes-Redman analysis criteria developed at Oxford University.

Saves Lives

CTG interpretation is difficult and highly subjective – misinterpretation leading to inappropriate action costs lives. FetalCare provides a robust objective CTG analysis to improve quality of care and outcomes.

Saves Money

Poor outcomes are associated with high costs, particularly where resultant morbidity requires life-long care. Costs can escalate even further with litigation. Avoiding just one poor outcome will cover the cost of FetalCare many times over.

Saves Time

Traditionally, antenatal monitoring is undertaken for a fixed period, typically 20-30 minutes. FetalCare has been proven to reduce this to as little as 10 minutes with obvious cost and time benefits for clinicians and patients.

Clinically Proven

Over 70 peer reviewed papers on the Dawes-Redman analysis. Download our Bibliography from our Clinical & Educational section.