CAPTIV-L7000 Premier is a flexible research software for the synchronization of video and multiple measurements from TEA sensors and interfaced third-party hardware and measurement devices.
Advanced analysis and processing features are included.


Permanent “one-time-purchase” transferable software license, including:

  • Import of data recordings from T-Log Datalogger (assisted sync),
  • Real-time recording of measurements from T-Rec wireless receiver,
  • Import of datafiles in .TXT format (manual sync) or from identified peripherals (contact TEA),
  • Manual import and assisted synchronization of video files,
  • Real-time video recording via USB (video hardware not supplied),
  • Synchronous display of measurements and videos (1 to 4 videos simultaneously),
  • Statistics, multi-criteria filters, comparison to thresholds,
  • Export of raw data, analysis results and reports.

INCLUDED – features of CAPTIV-L2100 software for Task Analysis:

  • Import of video files,
  • Video post-coding (actions, gestures, postures, etc),
  • Synchronization of videos, observation, and all other recorded data,
  • Display of observation data and graphs of activity,
  • Statistics and reports.

Supplied with USB dongle for license activation.
12 months software updates included.


  • Eyetraker : faceLab, Tobii, EyeTech,  FX3 (Ex FOVIO)
  • Motion tracking : T-Sens Motion
  • EEG : DSI, B-Alert, Epoc
  • Capteur physiologique : les Capteurs T-Sens,  Delsys, Biometrcis , Thought Technology
  • Capteurs environnementaux : Capteurs T-Sens, BAPPU
  • Vidéo : Webcam, Camescope, GoPro, etc.