TEA Webinar: Eyetracking, physiology and motion tracking – all together, both in the field and in VR

Broaden the scope of your research with eye trackers, physiology & motion sensors and gain insights into human behavior! Join our webinar to learn more about the T-SENS sensors and integrating multiple data sources together with the CAPTIV software. You will be able to meet Mr. Stéphane FOLLEY, the Export Sales Manager of TEA , and ask any questions.

Thank you for joining us! If you have missed it, be sure to check out the recorded webinar in this LINK.

Technology Ergonomics Applications

Experts in measurement and analysis of human behavior and their interactions with their environment. For more than 30 years, TEA has been designing and developing solutions with the aim of innovating for human well being.

T-SENS Sensors

Wireless unobtrusive sensors for 3D Motion (IMU), EMG, EKG, Temperature, Respiration, GSR, Acceleration, Load cell and more. Click here to review the catalogue.

CAPTIV : Synchronous Recording

Flexible and scalable software that enables the synchronous recording, visualization and analysis of multiple data source. Integrating third-party devices and sensors such as Eye trackers, wireless EEG headsets and Face Coding.

We are planning various webinars in the future. Please submit your ideas and requests to us by email: enquiry@tronda.com.hk