Tobii Communicator 5 Software package

Communication software that converts text and symbols into clear speech and offers computer and phone access, plus control of the home environment.

Communicator 5 AAC software is the cornerstone of the Tobii Dynavox software portfolio. It offers efficient communication for individuals with a wide range of speech and language disabilities by converting text and symbols into clear speech and offering access to Windows, e-mail, text messaging, telephone and environmental control via multiple access methods. Communicator 5 is simple to set up and get support – whether used on a Windows or Tobii Dynavox device.

Customized – Personalize with your choice of:

  • Homepage and pageset content
  • Text or symbol use (or both)
  • Male and female child and adult voices
  • Access via touch, eye gaze, scanning, switch, headmouse, mouse click, mouse dwell, and joystick

Convenient – Designed to help the entire communication team with:

  •  A built-in step-by-step set up guide
  • Easy editing tools to personalize content
  • Unlimited number of profiles

Flexible – Rich communication options such as: 

  • A variety of keyboard layouts including ABC and Qwerty
  • Integration of the Sono Suite of vocabularies with content designed for both emergent and literate communicators
  • Well-known symbol sets including Symbolstix, PCS, Bliss and Metacom

More efficient communication for all

From emerging communicators to literate adults, Communicator 5 comes with language content designed to match every AAC need. You can customize content through easy-to-use editing tools and communicate via text, symbols, and high quality speech for face-to-face communication.

With a modern user interface, improved workflows, smart functions and easy access for caregivers, you can keep language up to date and communicate more efficiently than ever before.