Ultimate Patient Positioning Chair S3

The S3 chair is part of our Next Generation Sonesta line. With three motors, seat, back and lift, a wide range of accessories and a user-friendly design it is the most versatile chair on the market. The ultimate patient positioning chair with infinite positioning creates a pleasant and ergonomic user experience as well as ultimate patient comfort. The three-motor chair enables a variety of different examinations and procedures.

Key Features:

  • Locking mechanism for one touch movement for precise
  • Versatile
  • Three motors are offered for height, seat and back adjustments
  • Easy access for the elderly and persons with disabilities
  • Engineered Ergonomics
  • Infinite adjustments as low as 40 cm (16”) to 105 cm (41″) high
  • Light weight and easy to move
  • Supporting 210 kg (465 lbs.) weight capacity
  • UL Certified