Anorectal Manometry Solar GI HRAM

High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM) is an advanced approach of measuring anorectal pressures, which offers more information than conventional manometry.

The Solar GI HRAM is a state-of-the-art HRAM system. With the latest developments such as the QuickView analysis program, 360 degrees HRAM, 3D Anorectal Pressure Topography and new catheter technology, you can perform quick, reliable and accurate procedures, do easy and quick data analysis and lower your procedure costs.

With automated classification, the software supports you even further in coming to a diagnosis

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Accurate HRAM Procedures with Powerful Built-in Software:

  • Unique QuickView Software program developed to make HRAM analysis accurate, fast and easy
  • Event-based analysis software (squeeze, RAIR, cough etc.)

Advanced Features and Functionality:

  • Measuring simultaneously up to 24 pressure channels
  • Full coverage of anal sphincter
  • Easy placement of catheter and simple correction of catheter movement

State-of-the-Art 360 Degrees HRAM:

  • 3D Anorectal Pressure Topography plots for a new perspective on the events
  • Sphincter damage or defects can easily be recognized in tube view mode

Flexible Clinical Solutions:

  • Variety of catheter diameters to ensure accurate HRAM measurement for different patient groups
  • Single-use and reusable catheter solutions (solid state and water-perfused)
  • Flexible HRAM system solutions for every budget
  • Expandable with HRM, HRIM, HRSM and HRCM

Extended Functionality:

  • Synchronized video manometry optional (C-Arm, ultrasound)

Optimize Workflow:

  • EMR/HIS connectivity
  • DICOM PACS- offers time-saving routines and paperless procedures
  • Network capabilities (multiple systems in one network)