Sonicaid FetalCare3 Doctor’s Office & Clinics

Building on more than 30 years of computerised CTG analysis, Sonicaid FetalCare 3 software is an essential tool for modern obstetric management. Running on a PC, it receives data from the fetal monitor via a cable connection. Its computerized analysis allows clinicians to measure newly-recorded CTGs against the world-renowned Dawes-Redman criteria for normality. All recordings…

Sonicaid Freedom Wireless Transducers

Used in conjunction with the Sonicaid FM800 Series Monitor, the Sonicaid Freedom uses wireless connectivity to monitor the fetal heart wherever mum might be within wireless range. The obvious advantages being less clutter than the cumbersome cable-based traditional method and the ability to allow freedom of movement for the mum. This gives a more mobile…

Sonicaid D920/D930 Waterproof Audio Dopplers

Our audio only modules are available with fixed 2 or 3MHz waterproof probes. Our High Sensitivity Probes provide excellent audio quality and ensure easy and reliable detection throughout pregnancy. Key Features: Battery Low Indicator. Easy Clean Transducer for Improved Infection Control. Waterproof Probe Suitable for use in Water Birthing Environment. Belt Clip to Aid Handling

Sonicaid SRX Digital Doppler with Interchangeable Probe

Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with interchangeable obstetric & vascular probes. Probes sold separately. Key Features: Big Numbers & Trace Displayed in High Resolution Colour Multi-Functional Display Data Storage on Micro SD Cards Integrated Charging & Connectivity High Sensitivity probes Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction

Sonicaid Digital SR2/SR3 Waterproof Digital Dopplers

Waterproof Rate & Trace Display Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz These high sensitivity handheld Digital Dopplers are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high sensitivity FHR detection in both…