Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Designed for the real world, our third-generation wearable eye tracking solution allows you to conduct behavioral research in a wide range of settings. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 delivers robust eye tracking and accurate gaze data while giving users the freedom to move and interact naturally.

New features include:

  • 16 illuminators and 4 eye cameras integrated into scratch-resistant lenses, which allows for optimal positioning and provides an unobstructed view for the wearer
  • Scene camera with a wider field of view (106° H: 95°, V: 63°)
  • Add-on IR blocking safety lenses, both clear and tinted (certification pending)
  • Operational parts integrated into the frames for a more robust design and the ability to fit under headwear
  • Controller app capable of running on Android and Windows devices

See more details in the Technical Specification Leaflet.