Wireless Uroflowmeter Urocap IV

The UROCAP™ IV uroflowmetry system, with Bluetooth® technology, is a portable, wireless device that quickly and accurately measures urinary flow and volume. Although designed for practical, everyday flow studies, it is full of features that cover a broader range of applications. Urocap IV is available as a standalone or integrated with the Goby™ UDS system.

  • Class 1, long-range, Bluetooth® wireless technology facilitates increased patient privacy while voiding.
  • Battery-powered operation eliminates messy power plugs and enables easy portability.
  • Custom-molded, water-protected frame improves hygiene and simplifies cleaning (IP54 rated).
  • Portable, compact design is ideal for a clinic environment.
  • Play back tests and analyze your data with VBN software.
  • Easy-to-use features such as procedure voice-guidance and a customizable interface simplifies operation.
  • Nomogram features aid in patient diagnosis.
  • Integration with I-LIST® provides extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Integrate your clinical data with a Hospital Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR), facilitating a paperless environment.